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Improving Feltham, Hanworth and Bedfont

We have created this new group with the intention of working to help Improve the Feltham, Hanworth and Bedfont area. We already know of a range of groups with specific aims to improve their own areas or areas of specific interest to them. We want to help build on this by providing resources and assistance from a large pool of supporters, helpers and interested local people and businesses who want to help out.

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Group Meetings

The next iFHaB Group Meeting is

Tuesday 2nd October

Reach Academy

53 High Street


TW13 4EZ

Group Activities

We’ve already started to find tasks around the community to help out with.

Here we were helping the FCDA clean up an old Youth Club space to prepare it for redecoration.

Hopefully, in time, this space will become a valuable resource for young people in the community.

Our Journey Begins

We started this journey in May 2018 with a small group of people from a larger Facebook community, who have joined together to make an impact across the whole area, to support others and to help organise events to enhance our community.

We have no fixed goals at this point, no targets and no over-ambitious plans, we are in a learning phase, understanding what might be needed and how best to use our resources to help others.

Our Aims

To actively engage with residents and all parts of our community in FHaB to help people to work together, share knowledge and enjoy the mixture of events and activities offered by our diverse community.

To foster a sense of inclusion and reject attitudes and actions which disadvantage any section of the FHaB community.

What’s Next?

We plan to use this site to promote our work and that of others in this area. To seek assistance from anyone who’d like to get involved in the project and demonstrate the successes we all have. We believe many positive things are possible if we work as a team together.

So many locals are proud of their area and want the very best for it, we plan to show how working together as a community we can all benefit.

Get Involved Today and Help Us Help Our Whole Community!

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